Supply of a new 200cc engine by our shop to a member of BMSC

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Supply of a new 200cc engine by our shop to a member of BMSC

Postby fanaticscooters » Fri Aug 10, 2007 12:25 pm

Dear BMSC,

It has come to our attention recently that a member of your club has stated publicly on several occasions that we quoted him £800 to hand build from scratch, with all new parts, a tuned 200cc all-Italian Lambretta motor. In fact, what was contracted was the supply of a hand-built Indian 200cc STAGE 4 electronic motor with an Italian race-spec crank, big bore exhaust and Jetex carburettor, fitted and adjusted and running, all for £800. That price even included the removal of his existing engine.

We wish to emphasise that we are not, nor ever have we been, in the market for building all-Italian new motors. We also wish to defuse this situation where we are being cast as wrongdoers, when in fact, what we supplied was a very reasonably priced engine. The motor was sold with a parts warranty but the customer decided to get it fitted to his scooter elsewhere for a reduced fee to us of £750. Subsequently, the customer then decided to take it to a third party (a well-known shop in Bristol) whose judgment and expertise is unquestioned and is well-respected by us. He decided it would run better with a different clutch. The customer has now decided, wrongly, that we are liable for the labour costs of the third party.

We are sure it goes without saying that the last thing we want to do is start a heated internet forum debate and we sincerely hope it does not become heated. We feel we have a good relationship with the BMSC. Its members are always very welcome in our shop and we have a large number of valued customers who are BMSC members. But we feel this allegation is serious and needs addressing.

We wanted to set the record straight about the two aspects of this matter. That we would never dream of misrepresenting the origin of a new engine we would build and that warranties can only be operated in accordance with the conditions on which they are offered.

The person has now written to us demanding compensation of £200 and has made complaints to several trade and consumer agencies. He is now threatening legal action. We have written a letter back and stated our position. We would be very happy, if this is escalated, to publish on this site our letter to him, if it is deemed by your club as necessary in what could be classed by local scooterists as a serious matter.

Best wishes,

Dave and Emma
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Postby Gerry » Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:55 pm

:-D we all know you are the man for indian parts and engines, it is news to me :puzzled: but if you can do a italian engine for 800 i`ll have one!!! :-D only kidding, :-D :-D have had good feedback on indian engines and in the future we will probualy all have to fit one if and when the italian parts run out, cheers gerry

Postby fanaticscooters » Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:19 pm

I'd have one as well Gerry!

I'd like to take this oppurtunity to tell anyone who may be affected that we will be closed next week for a 1-week family holiday, which we booked when we thought no summer sun was ever going to come. Typical it brightened up the week after we booked it.

Also, we'll be closed the Friday to Tuesday of the IOW weekend. We are going and look forward to seeing people there. We migtht have a pre-IOW party again on the Thursday evening. Not sure yet... Is anyone interested?

Also, I am sure it is common knowledge but I haven't seen any posts on here (I haven't looked that hard to be honest) about Paul's move. Get Smart Scooters are moving premises soon. Recently we called on him for some urgent and extensive and complicated work to finish two restorations for us. I still cannot believe what a brilliant job he did for us. The work, in my extensive experience of mechanical rectifications of another mechanic's shortfalls, was at the highest imaginable level. The finishing touches were superb and I was really impressed with the work he did and his rates for doing so. I owe him for all that (I did pay but I owe him a favour) and the very least I can do is recommend his excellent services.

I am not sure of his exact new forthcoming address but I wish him the very best of luck and we will continue to recommend customers to him while our workshop is under refurbishment.

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