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Postby BMSC COMMITTEE » Mon May 30, 2005 9:14 am

The Bristol Mod Scooter Club is and always will be completely dedicated to the ownership and preservation of vintage scooters from the sixties era. To be a member of our club or to join us on any of our rides or events, you would have to own and ride an 'old' classic scooter. We want to maintain the unique appeal of our vintage scooter club, and as such, any of the new generation of modern scooters do not qualify for membership.

All postings on this site are the sole responsibility of the poster and the Bristol Mod Scooter Club does not neccesarilly agree with any comments made or condone any implied actions by an individual or group. Posters MUST be aware that they take full sole responsibility for their postings and that in the event of any future Legal or Civil action then the club, its officers, its moderators or its members, will not support the original poster in any proceedings.

The BMSC also reserves the right to delete any person, registered or registering, and delete or moderate any posting without giving any reason. By registering and applying for forum membership on this website you agree to all these stipulations.


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