MODs go mainstream

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MODs go mainstream

Postby Norm the Newsletter » Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:47 am

If its on the BBC website - then it must be good ....... ;-)
(You might need to paste the line in your browser).

A real eclectic mix in the photos and comments - some I like and some, well - they just look wrong!

Personally, I draw a distinction between true MODS - who were originally a bunch of disenfranchised art college chancers and the more common manifestation of reformed skinheads wearing sharp threads.
Certainly, as a teenager in West London in the late 60's, my experience was wholly oriented to the latter of those options. Although, I was never bright enough (or enough of a dilettante) to merit rubbing shoulders with the former of the genre.

Interested in other folks experiences.
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