City centre emission zone

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City centre emission zone

Postby danny mac » Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:11 pm

Hi all,I see our Lord mayor has been a busy bee finding ways to raise revenue by fleecing the motorist by setting up a chargeable emission zone ! Ive tried to research the actual boundaries ? Hopefully the Arno falls outside ! Can anybody add anything ?
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Re: City centre emission zone

Postby Jim » Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:37 am

From what I can see, the proposed Bristol Clean Air Zone regulations are directed more towards older diesel vehicles that don't meet with the proposed permitted engine emission levels.

As usual with these proposed plans, finer particular details can be difficult to find and interpretate! On Googling for info I personally haven't been able to find any mention of old 2 stokes but that doesn't mean to say these guidelines or laws are not in the pipeline! (Yet!)

According to the RAC they cannot confirm that these new zones initially proposed to come into force in Bristol in March this year will actually happen at all!

I think we all knew that one day (hopefully well into the future) our lovely old scooters might even be banned from certain city centres, but the trouble is, as advertizing companies continually tell us, "The future is now!"

Check out what Clean Air For Bristol have to say! They mention that motorcycles will not be charged to enter any of the proposed zones! (That's us, right?)

Maybe at some point we will be saying "Take care, ride safe, and stay clear of the emission zone!" But hopefully we are still OK for the moment!
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Re: City centre emission zone

Postby chilly » Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:16 pm

I thought I read that it was shelved until covid was well and truly done, my eldest son is a carpenter with bristol city and they all have diesel vans and he was told that the will be changing the whole fleet to electric vans, jack did show me the areas or zones that are out of bounds and im afraid the arno is in it, but I dont know if this is going to be on weekends I will ask him to see if he can find out any info , but we could always meet up before 7am .....I am joking of coarse ,I will report in if he can get any news all the best for now , chilly
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Re: City centre emission zone

Postby Steve Holloway » Sat Jan 23, 2021 9:50 pm

I think you’re right Jim, the Bristol Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is pretty much aimed at banning older diesel engined vehicles (like my coaches!) from our central areas. There are two zones planned, an inner zone (Zone 1) with very strict controls, and an outer zone (Zone 2) slightly less strict. There are lots of reasons why I’m optimistic that our scoots will slip beneath the radar and we will be ok to take our scoots into both zones, and anyway, as Rich says, the plans look likely to be shelved until we are well and truly out of our current situation re Covid
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Re: City centre emission zone

Postby TV175S3 Chris » Fri Feb 05, 2021 5:31 pm

mmm. I tried entering my reg details for London on the TV175- according to them the scooter WOULD be liable for a £12.50 charge if entering their ULEZ area. Naturally this only applies to London- at the moment, but Marvellous Marvin may wish to emulate his aware.
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